Flugwerk Fw190 A8/N


Telling stories about the Focke Wulf Fw 190 is the same as to take "owls to Athens". In addition to the Messerschmitt Bf109, the Focke Wulf Fw190 was the standard fighter of the German Luftwaffe in World War 2. Motorized with an BMW801 radial engine, produced in several series the Fw190 was the workhorse of the Air Force. From interceptor to ground attack plane, special aircraft as night fighter aircraft or even as a torpedo plane. There was almost nothing that did not exist. Of the approximately 17,000 aircraft produced, only a handful of planes are in museums displayed. Airworthy examples do not exist. Also, the BMW engines are 801 very rare, and airworthy restoration is difficult if not impossible.

Although it was considered impossible, the desire for a flying Fw190 was in the warbird scene very large. Spitfire, Mustang, P-40, Bf109, all these aircraft are available as original, or at least licensed production (eg Bf109 alias) Buchon. The dream to fly with a Fw190 came into sight as the Flugwerk company in Gammelsdorf (Bavaria / Germany) hung up a replica of the legendary hunter. A small series of 20 pieces, driven by an Asch82T radial engine should make the story come alive again. These replicas were delivered as kits, assembly and approval is do to by the owners. To follow the Focke Wulf nomenclature, this aircraft was typed Fw190 A8 / N, the "N" stands for reproduction.

The replica agrees in its dimensions almost 100% with the original. By saving the armor and armament, the replica is almost 800Kg lighter than the original. This promise, coupled with the Chinese 14-cylinder radial engine (2.000hp) a fantastic performance. But this engine is also the main challenge for the project, the thermal budget of the double radial engine is one of the main sites. Both the gear ratios, as well as the cooling situation of the original unit is not comparable.
Unlike BMW801 the Asch82T does not have a coupled flywheel (about twice the engine speed which supplied the unit with fresh air), the so called “Ringkühler” (coolers in circle) will not work in the Asch cowling. The task is to solve all those problems, cause the owner wants to have a perfected and relieable high performance aircraft.    

The Frenchman Christophe Jacquard has registered one of these aircraft (F-AZZJ) and Marc "Leon" Mathis was able to present this aircraft in an impressive way 2009 on the Hahnweide. Chapeau Marc! 

Here in our yard, we are working since some years at one of these kits. This work is already well advanced, so we'll start with the first engine runs in spring 2010.

In January 2010, the former at Duxford-based Fw190 airframe, was sold and transported to us in the yard. Also, this customer-aircraft will be converted into an airworthy condition by MeierMotors .      

An interesting, challenging and complex project!

Join us, we will update you on this website periodically about the projects.

Marc Mathis on the French airframe Fw190 F-AZZJ